We all know how it feels to work with people you don’t know very well. Often times, work situations can feel hollow and superficial; simply because you aren’t really familiar with your coworkers. When there is a need to “break the ice” there is nothing better than the escape rooms here at “We Xcape”.

These types of games are great for promoting dialogue between individuals and forcing a problem solving conversation. They are also extremely beneficial to those work environments that require group critical-thinking and attention to detail.

At the end, participants will experience the gratification of success, or the sting of failure. But more importantly, a loose knit group of individuals will have become a team.



High schoolers tend to have a decent amount of success in escape rooms, largely because schools now have a stronger focus on problem solving and critical thinking in classrooms. But when these student take part in a game with their closest friends, it adds another layer of fun to the whole event. Escape rooms are excellent for stimulating the minds of participants while also putting a smile or the faces of friends.

“We Xcape” can also facilitate birthday parties. Hosting cake and ice-cream, gift set up and decorations are all services we provide.


Even more important than the ties of a team, are the bonds of a family. For years, families have used games to pass the time. Why not try an immersive real life puzzle game that challenges minds both young and old? Escape rooms are a great way to mix up family night while also leaving room to schedule other fun-family activities.

The game rooms are kid AND senior friendly. The puzzles and clues are created to challenge anyone no matter the age; and the family friendly themes help make the scenarios relatable.

Bring the family and see who has the most brains!!!

datenight (1).jpg


Imagine solving a puzzle room only instead of a key to the exit, there is an engagement ring at the end of it all. She solves the cypher to read, “will you marry me?”. Of course not every relationship is ready for a step like this, but even a simple date night can benefit from a visit to an escape room.

You may learn some things about the other person that never would have occurred to you otherwise. Maybe she’s bossy or maybe he has a short temper. These are all things that make themselves apparent when the pressure is on. Or perhaps you two make a great team. 

In one hour, you could find out everything you need to know… Or even things you never knew were there all along…