Are you ready to take your team to the next level?

This is a  professional development workshop that focus on teamwork, communication and collaboration.  We partner up with Christina Unrein from Possibility lab to facilitate this workshop.   ......We customize our workshop to meet your needs.

Package Includes:

·       Customized experience created to meet the desired needs and outcomes of the client.

·       Focused facilitated group discussion to help apply the Team Building Experience to the workplace. Facilitated group discussion will occur both before and after the Team Building Experience. Typical group discussion elements are:

o   what teamwork means to the participants

o   what do the participants expect from each other

o   Analyzing what impacted the teamwork during the experience

o   Understanding the part each individual played during the experience

o   Discovering any patterns between the experience and what happens in the workplace

o   Reflecting on what each participant would change for the next experience

o   Participants deciding what they want to apply from their experience to their work

o   Accountability with following through on what the participants each want to try to do differently in the workplace to be more team oriented

Advantages of Enhanced Team Building Package:

·       Application of the fun experience to the workplace

·       Understanding personal and group ideas of teamwork and expectations

·       New behaviors applied to the job with accountability built in