WeXcape, a real-life room escape game. Imagine reading a novel, the novel talks about a mystery. Now focus on reality, imagine the same thing happened to you. What would you do? Especially when you only have an hour.

You will be locked inside a room. That room is called a “game”. Within the hour you are given, the players must find clues to solve puzzles and escape. Each game is packed with different surprises and challenges. You and your teammates must cooperate with each other to solves these mysteries.


Each game has a specific setting and theme. You will be surrounded by different inanimate objects that is part of the game. By carefully observing the environment, you are challenged to escape the room within the given hour.


You are placed inside the room. The room has a series of puzzles and mechanics that help you reach through the next level. Using those clues, you can figure out how to reveal hidden secrets, more clues and objects to escape from the room.


These games are not completed alone. With cooperation among the team members inside the room, working together will help you effectively accomplish the game within the hour limit we’ve set!  There may be some bending and/or kneeling.